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For patients that are insured, please be prepared to pay any co-payment, unmet deductible or co-insurance at the time of the procedure. For uninsured patient, we expect payment at the time of service. A payment plan can be arranged under certain circumstances in which we will collect half up front and the remainder over 3 months time. Suncoast Endoscopy of Sarasota accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, checks, and cash.

Most insurance companies favor outpatient endoscopy centers.

Since insurance coverages differ, patients should be prepared to pay any co-payment, unmet deductible, or co-insurance payment at the time of procedure.

Suncoast Endoscopy of Sarasota does accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Due to the number of insurance plans, we suggest that you contact your insurance company if you have specific question regarding your coverage.

There is a facility fee for each procedure. This bill does not include the services of your doctor who performed the procedure, the anesthesia services, and laboratory fees.

Suncoast Anesthesia Partners, LLC

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Serving the Patients of “Suncoast Endoscopy of Sarasota”

Dear Endoscopy Patient:

The procedure you are about to have has 3 (three), possibly 4 (four) separately billable components with consist of:

  1. The professional services of your surgeon or gastroenterologist. Please refer to the Our Doctors page for billing information.
  2. The professional and medical services of the anesthesiologist/anesthetist are provided by an outside provider. Please call Suncoast Anesthesia Partners, LLC for billing information. Anesthesia is billed separately and is not part of the facility fee. Anesthesia may or may not be covered by your insurance plan.
  3. The facility fee (for use of the surgery center) includes estimated outpatient services, supplies, nursing care, and equipment use. Please call (941) 952-1145 if you have questions concerning facility charges.
  4. Pathology fees if you have polyps or biopsies removed. Pathology services are performed by Florida Digestive Health Specialists, 10920 Technology Terrace, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34275 or call (941) 757-4820.

Each of these entities is a separate company and cannot answer billing questions for the other, so please contact the appropriate company for your questions.

Anesthesia is a commonly covered component of your surgery. As a courtesy to you, the bills for your anesthesia services will be filed to your insurance company. We have accepted assignment of these benefits so your insurance company should send the payment directly to our office. If we have a secondary insurance on file, we will file a claim for the amount not paid by your primary insurance. If there is no secondary insurance on file, then we will send you a bill for the co-payment due as determined by your insurance company.

In the event that Anesthesia is not a participating anesthesia provider within your insurance plan, we will work with your insurance company to insure that you are not penalized for our non-participating (aka out-of-network) status. The maximum amount that you will owe will be your participating (aka in-network) benefit rates. Please contact our office if you have ANY concerns.

If your insurance company sends payment directly to you, you may either endorse the check OR write a personal check for the amount received and forward to the name and address listed above.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-888-337-3509

Financial Assistance Policy: to the extent it is able, Suncoast Endoscopy of Sarasota will provide financial assistance to patients who are determined to be unable to pay for services due to financial hardship. If you wish to apply, please complete a Financial Hardship Application. Click here to download a Financial Hardship Application. Please call (941) 952-1145 if you have questions/concerns.

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